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I have told bloggers numerous times the benefits of using BlogEngage to network and help join a blogging community and fast track a blog for receiving traffic, backlinks and more. 

BlogEngage has an RSS Syndication program <- (Check it Out) where automatically every link from your blogs gets submitted and indexed on 6 sites as well as giving you access to the BlogEngage community where you can network and participate to start earning Reward points.

Reward points?


Yep, by being active in BlogEngage you can earn rewards.  Rewards which include cash or featured spotlights in BlogEngage articles which gains you tens of thousands of pageviews to your PROFILE and blog. 

Example of latest Spotlight winner:


BlogEngage has been around for over 2 years now and some of the best bloggers in the blogosphere are members including Ileane from Basic Blog Tips, Hesham from Famous Bloggers, Kiesha from We Blog Better and Ana from Traffic Generation Café.  In fact, there are over 350+ bloggers signed up for BlogEngage right now and you can network with all of them in one place.

The key is you interact with their articles, vote them up, friend them, comment on their articles and in turn you can have a smaller blog gain more attention faster provided of course you write quality articles and engaging material.

Profit from BlogEngage?

Yep, not only do you get traffic and benefits for your own blog by joining BlogEngage but you can profit from joining AffiliateLights and then referring others to join the BlogEngage network.

When they join using your referral link you make a commission not only from the sale but a recurring commission for every month they stay a member of BlogEngage.  So if you refer like 100 people, you can make around $100 per month commission provided they stay members of the BlogEngage RSS Syndication service.

Do you know that I have already earned over $100 from referring people to BlogEngage RSS Syndication and every one of them finds benefit with the service.


PLUS, you can actually earn AdSense revenue on the blog articles you are automatically submitting to BlogEngage.  On some months I have earned over $3 in AdSense from BlogEngage articles, this almost pays for the monthly RSS Syndication just from having my articles submitted!  They have RSS Syndication Plans as low as $4.99 per month, but I highly recommend you get the Platinum membership at the minimum since it comes with a BlogEngage membership as well as syndicating your content.

Ask me any question you want about BlogEngage RSS Syndication and I can answer, I was one of the first BlogEngage RSS Syndication member back in December 2010 and I am have been among the top 20 active BlogEngage community members since it’s inception 2+ years ago.

Give it a test run, and remember if you post 1 article per day you will get 180 backlinks per month just from using the RSS Syndication Program, this isn’t even including all the extra votes, attention and automatic tweets from the BlogEngage Twitter account for your articles that are voted to publication!

-Justin Germino

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