Trailer Registration Nightmare

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I took a few hours off of work earlier in the week to take our boat trailer to the DMV for a level 2 inspection in an attempt to get the trailer registered.  This was a beat up $200 trailer that was rusted so badly it was unrecognizable when we bought it.  We fixed it up, painted it and refurbished new carpets, rope, and a light kit making it look nearly brand new.

We took it down to DMV the first time only to learn that they said it needed a Level 2 inspection, on Tuesday a level 2 inspection required that we sand off ¼ of the paint on the top of the trailer in order for them to validate there was no serial number on any of the steel frames.  Literally I had to sand off about 5 hours of labor just to prove it wasn’t a stolen trailer that may have been previously registered.

Once this was done the inspection guy was able to give us a metal sticker that was placed on the trailer, but then our registration woes only got worse.  We tried to go inside the DMV and after an hour wait were told that the trailer needed to have a Surety Bond worth $300 (after we paid $200 for the trailer, we now needed to purchase a Surety bond for $300).  I don’t even know what a Surety bond is and called my auto insurance guy who also didn’t have a clue and will get back to me.

This and we still then have to pay another $125 dollars to register the trailer DMV for permanent tags, so this rusty 15 year old trailer which I bought for $200 will cost more than $600 to bond and register with the State of Arizona.

Something is seriously messed up with the Department of Motor Vehicles if it is this difficult to get a tiny boat trailer registered just so you can legally transport a small boat to the lake.

This is why people most hate the DMV and Government Offices, seriously.

-Justin Germino

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