Tip to Building Useful Twitter Lists

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Now that I am following nearly 5500 people on Twitter I find that the “All Friends” column is all but useless for picking out tidbits of information that may be of use to read and to retweet to my readers.  To help alleviate this problem this is where Twitter lists come in.  Both of my favorite twitter tools Tweetdeck and Hootsuite support Twitter lists and let you build custom columns from your twitter lists.  Here are my tips for creating effective and useful twitter lists.

  • A list for close friends

Create one list that has your closest friends and or relatives on Twitter, these are the people you talk to most often and want to hear about what is going on in their lives.

  • A list for related categories

If you are a tech blogger, then this list should be tech resources, news sites or other tech bloggers.  Twitter accounts that send information that you want to read or maybe blog about or retweet to your readers.  If you are poet, this will be other poets.

  • A list for people living in your state

This is especially useful for brick and mortar businesses or people who like socializing in person with Tweetups.  You build one list for all people living in your State or City and you can quickly and easily see what people in your area are talking about and can contact them if you are looking to coordinate a meetup or get together.

  • A twitter list for news feeds

Creating a completely separate list for CNN, Current events and news will help separate this from your main feed.  Again this is useful to stay on top of breaking news and other such information.

  • Twitter Celebrity List

If you follow celebrities on twitter and like following their updates, having a separate list for all your celebrity follows allows you to keep all their updates in one place so you can easily see what the latest famous person is saying instead of having to digg it out of your InBox.

  • Summary:

These are just some examples of useful twitter lists, but you can do the same thing with “searches” creating search columns with #Arizona to see all tweets with the Arizona tag, or search for the word “Microsoft” to see everyone who mentions Microsoft are other useful columns you can have to make sorting through your twitter feeds easier.  Twitter becomes more cumbersome the larger your social network, to use it effectively you should leverage Lists and/or Search columns to help filter the information.  Hootsuite and TweetDeck are my favorite twitter management tools (click on the links to read my reviews on them).

-Justin Germino

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