Top Five Additions That Can Make Your Home More Desirable

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Having a desirable home is a great feeling, not only because it’s obviously pleasant to be in, but also because of that warm glow you get when people come round and are obviously jealous. It’s not a particularly attractive human trait maybe – but all of us love having that thing that other people want and being able to feel like a success as a result. And few things say success like a highly desirable property that everyone wishes was theirs…

There are many different things you can do to your home that will make it more attractive and better to live in, but not all of them will increase that ‘want’ factor that makes a property stand out. Here we will look at five things you can do to your home that will make other people really want them…

Walk-In Wardrobe

She has vast knowledge about home additions and improvements which she shares via guest blogging.This won’t make everyone want to live in your home – rather it will win over about 50% of the population. Having a walk-in wardrobe is a dream for many women and if you can then fill it with great shoes it will make most women who come round feel like kids in a candy shop, while you smugly remember how jealous you used to be of people who had this feature.

Home Gym


For all the gym fanatics having a home gym is of course a great feature that will turn them green with envy. Even for people who don’t regularly hit the gym though, there’s no denying that a home gym looks incredibly slick and glossy and makes it feel a bit more like a celebrity home.

An Office Pod

This is a little less common than some of the other home extensions we’ve listed here, but that’s what makes it so desirable – it’s uniqueness. An office pod of course is a high tech looking little eco pod that will sit at the end of your garden normally letting in a lot  of light and employing a minimalist design to make sure there are no distractions. It also makes you feel like James Bond when you’re at work…

Man Cave

A man cave is basically a converted loft or attic that is made into a little getaway for the man or men of the house. This means a space where they can relax on lazy-boys, play computer games, enjoy a beer and play tablet football. This is something that every guy will wish they had in their own home when they come round, and especially if you can fill it with cool toys to make it into a ‘real pad’. A great way to make sure that yours is the house that everyone wants to visit and that you become the perennial host of future events.


New Orleans French Quarter - Chateau Le Mayne Hotel "Cast-Iron Balcony & Shadows"

A balcony instantly makes any home look more classy as well as more romantic and beautiful. People associate balconies with Romeo and Juliette and other romantic scenes, and they will have images of you standing out on it looking up at the stars and sipping whiskey  This of course will make them jealous, which is a win for you.


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The article is supplied by home improvement blogger Diana Lewis. She has vast knowledge about home additions and improvements which she shares via guest blogging.

Updated: October 19, 2012 — 9:17 am