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I realized that while I was writing about 2 dozen blog posts, poems and such on my flights to and from Rome a while back that it was much more difficult for me to write articles for Dragonblogger.com than for my poetry or personal blog. See with this blog I pretty much can write and talk about anything. This blog is my personal diary, my place where I can talk about any subject, thought and share my travels. Heck I came up with about a dozen blog posts just about my travels in Rome, Turkey, Greece…etc and none of these inspirations really turned into an article for Dragonblogger.com

Meanwhile I did manage to write up a few iPad 2 game reviews for DragonBlogger.com but my articles for DragonBlogger.com typically require a lot more research and time, time to collect screenshots and size/adjust them, time to do reading or find articles or information to inform my readers as well as time to find/set featured images and properly SEO the articles. I am much less strict on SEO optimizing for my personal blog or poetry blog.

So I am really glad in times like this that I have a team who helps me manage DragonBlogger.com now as I had a slew of articles for every day I was on vacation and my staff and writers continue to provide quality content in just about every major category I want to cover regularly including Movie Reviews, Technology News, Gadgets, Game Reviews and more.

I may start looking for additional writers soon as I could still use some more content to reach my goal of 3 articles per day publishing rate. I wanted 7am, 12pm and 3pm to be the standard times that all posts published and my future goal is to have 1 entertainment, 1 blogging and 1 technology related article publishing everyday to cater to all my major audiences.

Another future goal I have is to start doing more video screencast demonstrations and how to videos for the site but this takes a lot more time and I have to find the time to do it. As a group we are going to be polling readers for what they want to know more about and get some idea’s. The more interactive we can be the more we can connect with our readers and build more interest and buzz around the site.

-Justin Germino

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