The Thing Remake is really a Prequel

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John Carpenter’s The Thing was one of my all time favorite horror movies as a kid and even to this day holds a candle above all the gore-fests that exist today though the special effects are aging they weren’t done with computers so they had a creepier more realistic appeal to them that left me with many nightmares as a kid.

imageSo at first I thought when I saw there was a new version of The Thing I was figuring this would be another stupid Hollywood remake that botched the original.

I did however find out that The Thing 2011 movie is a prequel and just isn’t titled differently because they couldn’t think of a good title.  The movie pays homage to the original and when I saw the trailer the synthesizer music sounded right out of John Carpenter’s version of the film.

You have to see this trailer if you are a fan of The Thing, either you will be annoyed or entranced and want to see it:

I know I want to see this movie just to see how good it was.  I heard the remake of Fright Night was pretty good too.

-Justin Germino

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