The Simpsons 20th Anniversary

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I have watched The Simpsons for a long, long time now. I started watching since the first episode of the first season twenty years ago when I was just twelve years old. Since I was only twelve I didn’t catch more than an occasional glimpse of The Simpsons on The Tracy Ulman show which was where it originated and was not really a show my parents would let me watch back then. Since the first seasons I was hooked and even though I was a kid my favorite character was Homer Simpson himself, while many others were wearing “Bart Man” T-Shirts and “Cowabunga” shirts at the time when it was popular.

Tonight is The Simpsons 20th Anniversary special and I really am feeling a little dated knowing that the show has been on this long but it is no surprise that the show has lasted this long, it continues to be an excellent entertainment source that finds new and creative ways to lampoon society, politics, religion and more on a weekly basis. It does so without being as crude and vulgar as other shows and in much wittier fashion in my opinion.

Here’s to The Simpsons, a Television Classic that will endure forever. We will be seeing reruns of this show for a hundred years I predict and it will be timeless.

-Justin Germino

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