Potty Training My Toddler

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“Do or do not, there is no try” -Yoda

Today starts “Potty Training” for my 2nd son who is just over three years old and we don’t “try” in this household. To make sure we didn’t failback and give up, we don’t own any more diapers, didn’t buy any backups. It is going to be a messy weekend in this house. My wife even put together a “cleaning kit” full of towels, cleaners, stain remover, paper towels and about 80,000 baby wipes in preparation for this marathon event. See, we are so well prepared because our oldest child was among the most difficult children to potty train, he fought us tooth and nail and was only able to be convinced to use the toilet after setting him on the toilet every 10-15 minutes 8 hours a day for two weeks straight. My wife did most of the work, I was really only able to help enforce after my day job and on weekends.

This time though it looks to not be such a brutal task, the little one is already curious and wants to try to go to the bathroom in the toilet, he even tells his brother “Wow, how did you do that” after seeing his brother use the toilet and genuinely appears to be ready. He doesn’t have the fear or resistance, and is looking forward to wearing “Hulk” underwear tomorrow for the first time instead of diapers. (we do still resort to pull ups at night, but regular underwear during the day).

One thing you don’t want to do is get mad or frustrated if your child has accidents, they don’t yet know to recognize the feeling of “having to go” you have to accept, and be calm and just help encourage them. Repetition is key, don’t stress or scare them or they will resist and fight you back. We learned the hard way from our older son and now are going in with a much different approach with our younger one.

So, because I will be having to be around my child every waking moment Saturday and Sunday, I will not likely be able to do any blogging during the daylight hours.

Wish me luck, I am going in armed.

Also, feel free to share your potty training stories about your own kids. Good, Bad, Ugly, I want to hear from you?

We have friends whose kids were potty trained by 2 1/2, not sure why ours both were resistant until after 3, our first until he was 3 1/2.

By the way, non-parents this is one of the things we get to look forward to as parents.

-Justin Germino

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