The Odd Life of Timothy Green and The Woman in Black

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Took the family to the theater on Saturday last week to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green which was a really nice and creative family movie from Disney about a couple who so desperately wanted a kid that a boy sprung from the garden after they buried their "trait wishlist" in the ground.

The movie showed the innocent nature of the boy and the mistakes parents make trying to make their kids lives perfect, but it also illustrated how much care and love surrounds a child who is wanted.  I was amazed my two boys sat through the movie without being bored and was glad we went to see it as a family.

It did deal with some pretty rude/mean people, family and showcasing how people ostracize, minimize and tease those who are different but it handled it well and showed growth for all of the characters in the film.  The ending was predictable but terribly sad and I won’t say I didn’t shed a tear myself at the end.


"I wasn’t scared, it’s allergies." ~Mike

I also finally got around to seeing The Woman in Black over the weekend and I thought it was a really good movie.  Haunting but not overly scary, it reminded me a little bit of The Skeleton Key in it’s pace and style but was very well done. 

This movie has a dark tone throughout and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I won’t even spoil it but I liked it until the end and though some of the plot’s are predictable for haunting type films it was very much enjoyable.  My wife dislikes horror/scary movies and still would have preferred not to watch it as it was too creepy.

-Justin Germino

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