Finding Rare Dyes in Guild Wars 2

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One thing I really like about Guild Wars 2 compared to it’s predecessor is that when you find ink or dye for your clothing you permanently unlock that color rather than get 1 use out of that dye.

You can freely change or dye the color of your armor, or city clothes anytime you want and as often as you want without penalty or paying any extra fee.  You start off with a small selection of common dyes, and find dyes as treasures or monster drops on the maps.

I have found about 7 different dyes so far in Guild Wars 2, and my son found a “pink” color.  They seem to have a splendid array of color names and types, and I wonder just how many Guild Wars 2 dye colors there are built into the game to find.


So far I have only found 1 Uncommon Dye and 4 Common Dyes, but enjoy changing my characters outfit and look on a regular basis as I get new gear.  When you put on new armor, it assumes the previous color of dye you selected, but I like changing it up to reflect that I got a new armor recently.  As you can see from the above pic, a greenish/purple outfit is my ranger’s look.

I have said this before, but Guild Wars 2 offers such a vast amount of customization from the character faces, bodies, clothing, features and colors plus the amount of races and classes that rarely do you see another character who looks just like you unless you deliberately dye yourselves as a group.

This is something many other MMO’s are just lacking, the ability to create a character as unique as you are and you can change your colors as often as you want without penalty or paying extra copper/silver/gold is a great feature.  The game would be cumbersome if you found 1 dye and can only change 1 piece of armor color losing that dye when it was used.

What are some of your favorite colors that you have found in Guild Wars 2 so far?

-Justin Germino

Update: According to the Guild Wars 2 Wiki there are 391 dyes so far identified in the game.

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