Testing WordPress 3.6 Spotify Auto Embed

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Decided to see how WordPress 3.6 will take a Spotify link and turn it into an embed-able media player to see how it works.

When you want to embed a Spotify song in your WordPress blog, all you have to do is open Spotify and right click on the song you want to embed.


Then click on Copy HTTP Link

now in WordPress in the Text Editor (you can’t paste in the Visual tab as it will turn it into a hyperlink instead) you paste the URL you just copied.

WordPress will automatically convert the URL into a fully embedded Spotify player like the one you see below.

This is one of my favorite tracks right now and it happens to be a Daft Punk song from their latest album Random Access Memories and the song is the last track called Contact.  It is very techno and that is the style I most like, similar to the sound they had in the album Tron: Legacy which was a fantastic album.

Let me know what you think if you like electronica

I particularly enjoy working out to this song and others in similar style, lately I like listening to The Glitch Mob as well while working out.

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