Testing Fraps for Video Game Recording

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I have been wanting to do higher quality video game recordings and finally decided to buy Fraps a few weeks ago since I was having trouble getting Overwolf to record a high enough quality for my liking.

Fraps is well worth the price however, but I had shock at how large even the smallest video files are by default and realize you really need to convert them if you want to get them onto YouTube.

I used uRex Video Converter which the company had given me a license to review the product last year and it worked pretty well converting the .avi file to .mp4 and keeping most of the quality intact (shrinking the file size to manageable portions.).

Here are some sample video files of Wizard 101 which is the game I am playing the most lately with my kids.

I haven’t gotten a chance to test the audio record since my kids are so noisy when we game I can’t record any audio without background noise, but that will come when I start doing my reviews of The Secret World and other games later.

What do you think of the video/sound quality?

-Justin Germino

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