Teaching Your Children Manners

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One thing that parents do not do enough of these days is to teach their children manners. Being polite and respectful is nearly lost these days and it is refreshing to see little ones and pre-teens using some manners once in a while. An example that we instill this in our children was how my six year old will hold the door open for strangers coming in and out of restaurants or grocery stores. He does it without being asked, and he also thanks people for holding the door for him.

It is in his nature to be very appreciate, he also says excuse me when he burbs and sneezes and is saying please about 80% of the time when he asks for something. Parents are the ultimate role models for their children and they lead by example. If you are polite to people your kids will pick it up and model after you, so remember to use please and thank you, whether you are being served at a restaurant or just working with someone in your day to day.

We all could use a little more etiquette and have our manners polished a little, lets start by trying to become better role models for our children and make the next generation more polite and respectful than the current one appears to be.

-Justin Germino

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