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Basically two years ago I saw other technology blogs and wanted to set out and do the same thing  (review products, software, freeware) and get paid for it + earn from advertisers and AdSense and two years later it still takes lots of work and I only bring in between $200 and $300 per month from my 3 blogs on average.

You can learn from my mistakes and get a faster track to where you can monetize your blog, but you should do the following.

Don’t start a blog on blogspot,, or any other free web hosting site.  Many advertisers and companies don’t consider a free blogging platform serious and you limit your advertiser potential.  The very big and popular bloggers who started out on those web hosting platforms are already grandfathered in but it is 2x as hard for a new blogger to reach success on a free hosting platform.  It costs about $5 per month to get a dedicated self hosted wordpress site, but it will be far more costly to start on blogger and convert your blog over later.

Once you start a blog, do at least 20 posts (schedule them 2 per day for the first 10 – 20 days).  Do minor posts like freeware reviews, site reviews of other technology blogs, talk about articles/products on newegg, extremetech, pcmag….etc

Build a Twitter, StumbleUpon, and other Social Media accounts.

Read some of articles on about how to start up a new blog and make money blogging.

This is a very competitive business and you should start it right if you want to get in, or you will only earn peanuts and do lots of writing for very little monetary reward.

I am working on my eBook which will be for sale in the upcoming months, I will also be giving away a free “excerpt” of my ebook to users who subscribe to my Dragon Blogger Mailing List, subscribe now and you will be the first to know about new offers, contests, freebies and have access to some of my exclusive content you won’t find on my blogs.

-Justin Germino

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