Sunday Dim Sum and a Cold

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Unfortunately there isn’t any dim sum restaurants for 50 miles from where I live and when the craving hits then it is an hour drive to have some dim sum. The best dim sum restaurant I know of is C-Fu Gourmet which is in Chandler and we have been there a few dozen times over the years. My son loves the place and he voted to go even though he hates long car rides.

Since we were in the valley anyway we decided to hit the mall and see a movie. Not very many good options and we had already seen all of the current films that were good. Chipwrecked was the movie seen and the kids liked it. I of course could have I waited until it came to DVD or never have seen it.

Meanwhile, I unfortunately came down with another cold. I had to organize the garage and put away all the Xmas decorations which took hours too. My wife meanwhile helped my son with his report on good old Abe Lincoln while I worked on the garage.

It was a busy weekend and all that happened on just Sunday.

Back to work and this will be a very busy week for me as a manager.

-Justin Germino

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