Strep Throat is No Joke

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I have scoured online looking for some quick remedy to recover from Strep and found a slew of alternative treatments on this site: but of course I can’t validate any of them, and so many places preach ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) that it seems more of a scam than having any likelihood of helping.

I know white tea can help fight bacteria in the throat and often drink a green/white tea blend which sometimes helps.  I have also heard that dark natural honey can help soothe and fight bacteria in the throat as well but don’t know any places within 50 miles that sell anything but the generic clover or mesquite honey.

Once my son had strep throat that was misdiagnosed and it went on long enough that it had spread and caused his hands and feet to start peeling.  Strep is no joke and it is important to go and have a swab done to confirm if it is strep.  I have read that strep if left untreated can spread into the bloodstream and cause heart damage as well as infect other areas of the body in extreme cases.

In the meantime all four family members went to urgent care this week and we are all on rounds of antibiotics.  I need to recover from this as quickly as possible as I have a business trip in a few days and I will be contagious on a plane as well as to my fellow coworkers if I don’t recover quickly.  I may just have to wear a mask to cover my face while traveling.

If anybody knows tried and true remedy’s to cure strep in 24 hours or so, I would be more than happy to hear what has worked for you.

-Justin Germino

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