Pranks Again Really!?

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When I was a kid and a teenager I had many good laughs trying to pull pranks on April Fool’s Day, not all of my pranks worked but a few did but in retrospect I don’t really find any of them funny today.

With the advent of social media and the Internet, April Fools Pranks become rampant online from bloggers to online personalities who want to see how viral their stunt can go and how much attention it can grab.  This may be fun but I don’t really subscribe to the theory of spreading misinformation so I rarely participate.

In fact, last year without really remembering what day it was I myself fell victim to an April Fools Prank by another blogger.  I believed the article I read and didn’t realize it was a prank until after I had already mentioned information that indicated I thought it was true.

People have said I was too trusting and gullible, that I am more easily fooled by pranks because I tend to want to believe people tell truth more than lies or deceive so I just don’t like April Fools Day in general.

-Justin Germino

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