Scorpion Infestation Leads to Change

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While on my trip last week my wife found two scorpions in a single day and we have been averaging 4 scorpions per month in my house for over a year.  This has caused us to look into other pest control providers as the one we are using does a good job at keeping crickets and other insects at bay, but we appear to be infested with more dangerous bark scorpions.

With over 200 scorpions found crawling on our floor or walls in our house over the past four years I am amazed that nobody in the family has been stung yet.  I will be calling various pest control provides, and have researched that supposedly there are 3 poisons that specifically work on Scorpions and they are powders instead of liquid poisons. 

Scorpions are are highly resistant to regular insect poison as they are not insects but arachnids.  I am hoping by arming myself with the poison knowledge I can ask the right questions and get a pest control company that can actually kill them before someone gets stung.  We noted that out of all of our neighbors we appear to be the only ones on our block that report scorpions routinely in our house so we must have something about our house or property that draws them in.

-Justin Germino

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