Time for a New Gas Grill

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I had my previous gas grill for over six years but after some problems with it over the last two weeks it was time to let go.  The grill did its job, but my wife and I decided to peruse Lowes and see what they had available.

IMG_0321 IMG_0322

We ended up with this magnificent grill you see in the pics above that has 3 burners, a separate "searer", and a burner for side items in a pot or pan.  Self igniter and with a temperature gauge on top, we were able to grill those NY Strip steaks in the picture in less than eight minutes on this puppy.

One thing about living in the desert of Arizona is that you can pretty much grill all year round, we grill chicken, fish, steak, pork, hot dogs, Portobello mushrooms and just about anything else.

This Master Forge grill is by far the best gas grill I have used in over 11 years of grilling food.

Anyone hungry yet?

-Justin Germino

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