Stomach Issues Resurfacing?

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It would seem lately I have started to become plagued by my stomach issues again.  It started out with nearly daily upper intense stomach pain that leads me to vomit usually 1 or more times per day.  I have vomited about 4 times in the past 7 days, and this isn’t a bug but something wrong with either my digestion or overall health.

The last time I had such a string of issues like this was 3 years ago, and not sure whether stress or simply needing a chiropractic adjustment resolved it.  I have pretty much cut out coffee these past few days but it hasn’t helped and I can’t seem to find a trigger.

It may be the sour cream or milk based products I had in a few side dishes around the holidays, I am very sensitive to butter, cream, sour cream, milk in any dishes lately and get severe problems with stomach pains when having it.  But cheese doesn’t seem to affect me as negatively for some reason.

I will have to find time to go back to the chiropractor and see if simply I have a nerve pinched which is affecting my digestive health maybe that will resolve it.

-Justin Germino

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