Stewing in the Desert Heat

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Yesterday to my dismay I learned that my upstairs Air Conditioning Unit was making clicking sounds and wouldn’t come on. I had just paid to have my A/C units tuned and serviced last month so I am a bit furious that I have no cooling air in the upstairs of my house. The temperature upstairs quickly rose to 90 degrees in my office and I had to shut down my home PC and several other pieces of equipment to keep them safe from overheating. Nothing makes you appreciate the A/C more than doing without it when the temperature outside is almost 110 and you have nothing to keep you cool inside.

I am now working with two fans blowing in my office and the A/C guy should be coming out between 8am and noon to see what the problem is and hopefully resolve it ASAP. It is times like this that it is better to have a laptop/notebook with wireless than to have a large monster of a desktop machine with no wireless that you can’t simply move to another part of your house and work from there. With my Disneyland trip coming up next week I didn’t need the added expense of a potential costly repair today.

Perhaps I should look for a cooling solution from Cool Breeze Air Solutions who is a locally owned heating and cooling company that offers Tucson air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Here’s hoping that the part that broke was the part covered in the warranty they replaced last month.

-Justin Germino

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