It All Comes Down to Tonight

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I have been working on a major project at work for the past six months that involves working with hundreds of customer applications and literally have averaged about 200 work emails per day for the past four months related specifically to this project. This project all comes down to a massive amount of work that starts this evening and lasts all weekend. I bought 4 cans of Diet Amp Energy Drink and will be probably working all through Friday and Saturday.

I did my best to balance my family time and give extra play time with the kids this week since I knew I would have a busy weekend, I know my wife is going to take the kids out to a movie on Saturday and some other activities so I can work in peace.

This was by far the largest single project I have coordinated at my current job and the amount of coordination was staggering for me, it took a team of fifteen people working with me to help get it accomplished and I am very glad that I work with such fine and competent engineers in my group.

-Justin Germino

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