Staving Off the Negativity

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I once read a comparison between negativity and cancer on how negativity like a cancer can spread, infect other thoughts and decay your well being over time if you let it fester untreated.  Negativity can destroy morale, eat at someone’s personality and if left untreated can literally hollow out a person’s soul.

Life is a culmination of lessons, experiences and trials.  Life is also finite and I truly believe the only way to really make it through and keep sanity intact is to find the positive in as much as possible and try to keep negativity to a minimum.  The proverbial “If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade” saying is not such a bad saying after all.

When you find yourself dwelling on difficulties, negatives, or stresses that are affecting your happiness level to the point where you are miserable it is time for a change.  A change maybe in your way of thinking or looking at the situation, standing back and taking a different point of view may be in order.

In some cases it may require changing up the situation and this could be minor changes where the sum is greater than the parts (small changes here and there) or a life altering change that dramatically shifts the landscape.

In general though I try not to dwell or let even the most negative of situations drag me down, or if they do I find a way to climb my way out as quickly as possible.  Life is too short to bury yourself with negativity and stress.

Find something, anything that you think of as a positive and share it with someone. Broadcast it on social media if you have to.

Shout “I really like that _____________________ “ and just fill in the blank and share it on your profile wall.  Tell someone what you like about them, respect about them.  Share something positive you think about someone or something.

If that doesn’t work then hit the gym, hard and work out for about 1 – 2 hours non-stop until you can barely breath and your muscles are all quivering and in pain from the working out.  Typically this makes me feel better in a few hours as a last resort.

-Justin Germino

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