Gamefly Brings Unlimited PC Game Play

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I finally received my Beta code to test out the new GameFly Unlimited PC Game play.  This is basically the ability to rent PC Game downloads and play the game as long as you want on your PC, removing it when you are finished.

The content initially is limited, but the best game by far in the RPG department would be Drakensang: The Dark Eye which is a great game if you haven’t played it and if you have a Gamefly account you can download and play the full game right now for free if you have a BETA code.

Like STEAM Gamefly also gives you the ability to purchase new and old games through their Gamefly client which will give rise to potentially really cheap deals and sales.  I am curious how Gamefly negotiates deals with game companies to allow users unlimited game play without costing more than the regular gamefly subscription membership and they must kick back a % or some other based on # of downloads/installs/plays or something of that nature.

Again, the Gamefly unlimited PC game reminds me of Netflix in that it has older titles but some are pretty good and if you missed the chance to play them back in 2008/2009 then you can spend hours playing games of a few years past on Gamefly with their unlimited PC Game play feature which is available to Gamefly members.

I think this is an excellent choice as less people are using gaming handheld’s and clients and for Gamefly to stay competitive they need to over client downloads and rentals for people who don’t have physical consoles or want something extra.

Buy One Month, Get One FREE!

Right now I can tell you that I wouldn’t get the GameFly subscription just for the Unlimited PC Gameplay, but if you already have a Nintendo Wii, 3DS, DSi, Xbox360 or Playstation 3 this is a welcome addition and yet additional game access that you can combine with your existing account.  I currently use Gamefly to get DSi, Wii and Xbox360 games that I play with my family, I mostly get multiplayer games, but now with the PC Downloads I can play some games I didn’t get a chance to play previously.

Drakensang: The River of Time and Assassins Creed would be my first two downloads with the Unlimited PC Play feature of Gamefly.

-Justin Germino

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