Starcraft 2 Nvidia GTX 560 Driver Issues

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I was incredibly dismayed when I finally went to play Starcraft 2 with my boy last night only to find that my graphics drivers were completely unstable on Starcraft 2.  I don’t remember if I had played SC2 before on my new PC but there were graphical glitches and my screen would fade to black almost instantly after the game loaded.

I tried reducing video settings in between screen crashes, but it failed to resolve anything.  I updated to the latest stable drivers 285.58 and this still failed to resolve anything.  I then updated to the latest beta drivers 290.53 and nothing, nothing makes Starcraft 2 work with the Nvidia Geforce 560 graphics card I have in my system.

I then decided to roll back to the earliest drivers, v275.33 was the oldest drivers it would let me install for the Geforce 560 video card in my system.  I tried 266.58 which was mentioned in a Starcraft 2 forum but these drivers wouldn’t recognize my card and therefore I couldn’t install them.

This issue apparently is documented in the forums and there is no resolution or suggestion that I found works.

No other game has given me trouble with my Nvidia Geforce 560 but apparently this is just one game with an issue.  I am left with 2 options at this point, never playing Starcraft 2 again until magically Blizzard or Nvidia releases a fix or buying an ATI 6950 card to replace my Geforce 560, this card I have read has 0 issues with Starcraft 2 and was around the same price.

The odd thing is on Nvidia’s own page to show which games work with the Video Card they list the following:


The show that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 was tested and working with Starcraft 2 with Driver version 266.58.  However when I tried to download and back out to this driver version, the drivers said my video card was not supported, I was unable to back out to this driver version.

-Justin Germino

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