Spreading Yourself Too Thin When Blogging

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Over the past two years I have realized that I have now created over 2400 “posts” of content spread across three blogs (700+ poems for my poetry blog, 700+ posts for this personal blog and over a thousand posts for DragonBlogger.com). I had always talked about when blogging you should try to limit a single blog to a few key niche categories or risk alienating regular readers from subscribing because they only would be interested in 1/3 or 1/2 of the content you write about. The exception is personal diary blogs where people follow it because you are of key interest (and amusement) to them and therefore you can write about anything you want.

This is the tactic I took with my blogs, DragonBlogger.com originally had everything I wanted to say but fitting Technology, Poetry and personal opinions and commentary into one blog wasn’t conducive to the success I was looking for. So I split my blogs up into 3 separate blogs DragonBlogger.com for the Technology and Blogging/SEO, Wanderer Thoughts Poetry (Self explanatory) and this blog which is kind of my diary and all things Family, Arizona…etc.

I do realize though that had I not spread myself so thin I could have had 2400 posts on a single blog and this would have been many extra search engine links and my one site would probably be further along than the three are right now. You simply cannot perform all the SEO / marketing, promoting for more than one site without sacrificing them all to some degree. After all if you guest post to help spread your word, you would have to guest post far more often with some linking back to each blog related to topics.

I also only have 1 Twitter account which is for DragonBlogger, but the bad thing here is I have technology and blogging followers who are only interested in that, and I have my poetry followers who are only interested in poetry. I see shifts in unfollowing (I tweet about my poems and lose followers who have names related to marketing, blogging, seo…etc). I tweet about blogging/SEO and I lose some of the curious poetry followers. Can’t make everyone happy it seems.

These are all things to consider before you decide to cut up your time into separate blog entities and should be carefully thought out before taking the plunge.

  • Do you want to have 1 Social Media profile for all your blogs, or separate profiles for each blog?
  • How do you divide your time, how much spent per week on each blog?
  • What are the goals for each blog individually?
  • What are your goals for your blogs collectively?

These questions will help decide if being a blogger who maintains multiple blogs is what you really want.

-Justin Germino

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