Received my First Helium Payout

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Almost two years later I finally received a payout from Helium for $25 where I only have about twenty or so submitted articles and only five of them are non-poems. I did think Helium gave slightly better price per pageview payouts than Associated content but only let you cash out when you reached $25 balance where Associated Content pays you every month. If Helium allowed you to just submit content easily without having to find a topic or discussion and then submit an article specific to that “Title” it would be a more beneficial and worthwhile site to use.

Overall I have decreased my usage of AssociatedContent and Helium significantly because you can make far more money running your own blogs than you can submitting articles to these sites considering you can embed your own AdSense ads and earn from them, plus have the benefit of selling advertising slots and writing sponsored content for money as well.  That being said many people don’t want the hassle of having to maintain their own blog and deal with all the commitments it takes to be a Blogger, and being an online writer is easer if you just want to create content and put it out there and make some money for performance and sometimes up front article payments.  AssociatedContent at one point I was able to get $2 – $3 per submitted article and did about 5 per month a little over a year ago, but it just was too much work to write a 400-500 word article for A/C for $2 up front when I could write a 100 – 200 word paid post for SocialSpark or PayPerPost and make a minimum of $10 – $15 per article.

Still, using these sites helps get your name and work out there and if you are a blogger you should create profiles on both and submit some of your work and fill out your bio so people can find and link back to you.

-Justin Germino

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