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Was funny when my wife asked me why there were no songs on my iPod Touch and I told her I use Spotify exclusively for all my music now.  I pretty much don’t load iTunes at all to transfer music anymore to my iPod and only use the iTunes for apps, news, games that I occasionally play (I use my iPad for apps more than my iPod touch).


Spotify is pretty fantastic and though it doesn’t have everything I find new stuff is being added all the time.  Just a few months ago I didn’t find the Greenback Boogie song which came out a few months later and just was instantly available.

I have been a paying Spotify member for a long time now and have no regrets, they still need to add more Tangerine Dream albums but I already have listened to so many I haven’t heard before thanks to Spotify.

I really think that for people who think it is worth paying for Sirius or XM Satellite radio, Spotify is worth the $9.99 per month to get unlimited music streaming and even be able to store a hundred songs offline at any one time to listen while you are in offline mode.

Spotify now has apps too that provide extra detail like song lyrics, billboard charts and even more options for building radio features and your own stations.

I just wish Spotify app existed for the Kindle Fire so I can more easily build kids custom playlists and sync their devices.  I also would like to see Spotify contract with publishers and maybe allow audio books as well.  I would pay an extra $5 per month to have audio book access on top of my $10 per month subscription.

-Justin Germino

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