Enjoying Naked Juices

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You know if you consider the fact that Naked Brand juices are $2.99 on average per bottle at Fry’s and cheaper at Walmart and you drink just 1-2 per day to replace a meal it is actually cheaper than buying a juicer and juicing your own vegetables that would give you the same nutritional value.


Seriously, my favorite is the Green Machine which in addition to having Apples, Banana, Kiwi, Mango and some Pineapple juice also has the following healthy ingredients.


Try putting all that in a juicer or blender and see how much it would cost you for 1 serving size?  They have over 24 flavors of juices including some smoothies with soy protein instead of milk protein.

My favorites are Orange Carrot, Blue Machine, Red Machine, Power-C, Mighty Mango and of course Green Machine.  I haven’t tried Gold Machine or some of the others but I haven’t encountered a Naked Juice that I didn’t like.

Because they are fresh juices with no artificial ingredients I can’t order them from Amazon.com and have to go to local store.  I usually buy about 4-5 bottles per week and drink one instead of a lunch on some days.

If you haven’t tried Naked Juices yet then you don’t know what you are missing.

-Justin Germino

Updated: January 27, 2012 — 6:50 pm