Spotify Needs Resume for Playlists Feature

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As I realized that I now have a mix of audio book playlists and music playlists, one peeve about Spotify is that it has no ability for me to switch from an Audiobook playlist to a music playlist and back resuming where I left off on my audio book.  It has only pause/resume for the one playlist you are on and is overwritten by any other playlist you visit.

I also think Spotify can be more audio book friendly and am hoping it will increase it’s library of audiobooks as and buying audio books is just way too expensive, I would even pay $14.99 per month for Spotify (up from $9.99) if it actually added audiobooks into it’s library that readers can listen to or download in "offline" mode to their portable devices.

Despite this I love Spotify and it is my only music app I use on my iPod touch and my PC anymore.  I used to use Winamp, as my PC music client and iTunes on iOS.

I still have an occasional issue where some of my local songs won’t sync to my iPod touch (maybe format issue or DRM?) one iTunes song I purchased and then converted to an MP3 will play on Spotify on the PC, but I can’t sync it to my iPod Touch for Offline mode, the song looks like it syncs but never plays.  I haven’t been able to figure this one out.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: June 30, 2012 — 9:46 am