The Gaming Experience: There’s One For Everyone

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In this age where technology rules and there really are no limits to what the computer industries can bring to our consoles and computer screens at home, the average gaming age has changed from 15 a couple of decades ago to 35 years of age in the last couple of years. The landscape has altered dramatically, and now there really is a gaming experience for everyone, from kids to grandparents and everyone in between.


The Gaming Family

You only have to have the TV switched on for a while before you see a Nintendo Wii advert where the entire family are playing Wii Sports together and having a great time. One advert has Harry, Jamie and Louise Redknapp playing on the Wii together. It’s a little surreal, but the point is clear: The Wii is a console that the whole family can enjoy. There are a number of family orientated games out there, and Wii Play and Wii Sports are the two most addictive. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a family member in their fifties try to get a strike on Wii Sports’ bowling game. The technology has advanced so far now that games like Fifa 2012 are so realistic it’s as good as watching the real thing, and certainly the closest most people will get to playing for Manchester United!

The Gaming Couple

The Xbox Kinect is unbelievably good fun and enable the user to dance, play sports and keep fit without using controllers and going to the gym. You can control the gaming experience with your voice and your body, and there are great times to be had. Couples don’t have to just chill out on the sofa, they can do a Zumba class together in front of the sofa instead!

The Gaming Geek

There’s a gaming experience for everyone, but not every game experience has to be at a computer. The ultimate gaming experience for the geek is a to explore worlds thousands of years into the future and fight epic battles – all at their desk! Warhammer has been around for over thirty years and shows no signs of slowing down, giving geeks the world over the chance to build their armies and conquer fantasy worlds. War has never been so much fun.

The Gaming Sportsman

There are a huge range of games that are of a great help to sport types. If it’s raining outside or the gym seems too much of a trek to get to, the Wii Fit board can help you burn some of those excess calories with the multitude of workouts that the game has to offer. It’s no substitute for the real thing, but it’s a great alternative.

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Updated: June 28, 2012 — 3:45 pm