Spent Many Hours Last Night Tweaking Blogs

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I have been dealing with site outages on my dragonblogger.com site for a while now and it was frustrating, my hosting company did provide me with a ton of information on how my plug-ins were slowing down my site and causing my instances to consume too much memory.  I decided to play plug-in cleanup on all four of the hosted blogs and removed about 60 plug-ins between the four blogs, after tweaking, caching, tuning and customizing I now have all four blogs loading in around 5-6 seconds according to firebug which is about 60% faster than with all the extra plug-ins installed.

I didn’t get much time to do Entrecard drops today as a result of all my WordPress performance tuning work in the last several hours.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: March 26, 2009 — 12:51 pm