Sleeping with the Dogs

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We have two Boston terrier dogs, one who is almost 8 years old and a pup who is only 9 months old. Since we bought the puppy about two months ago he has slept with our oldest son in bed and since our son has been getting up at 5:30am.

So as an experiment we decided to have the puppy sleep with us in bed to determine if the puppy was the reason why our son was waking up so early.

That is when the fun began, it started off with the two little dogs curling up on the bed and keeping against me for warmth. I had to endure two short nasal passage dogs snoring as if they were old english mastiffs.

I got up to use the restroom and just as I came back toward the bed, the puppy started barking at me which caused our older Boston to follow suite. A one minute bark and growl fest as the two dogs defended the bed and mom from my intrusion woke my wife up and we were laughing at 12:30am.

We finally settled down only to awake to hear my oldest dog having a nightmare an our later. The dog was twitching and whimpering in its sleep and I had to wake the dog up since he appeared to be very troubled. Now it was 1:30am and we are going back to sleep again.

Listening to more snoring but finally dozing off, I awoke to the sounds of hacking and retching. The puppy was choking or barfing in bed, I had had enough and carried the puppy and the older dog and put them in the yard for the rest of the morning.

Finally I crashed back in bed at 3:30am now and fell fast asleep, waking up sharply at 6:13am when my son barges in wanting to play Lego Star Wars before school.

I face the day with energy drinks and tea hoping I don’t pass out at my desk now, and in summary it turns out my son slept in only 30 more minutes after all.

-Justin Germino

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