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So here I stand…err, I mean sit stunned at what a fundamentally chaotic day I have had, which ended on several good notes.  First of all I want to thank all of my poetry fans, because they have grown so rapidly over the past few months since I started the random twitter poetry game back in October 2008.  I finished my 119th Random Twitter poem today and found that writing my random twitter poems is one of the most fun routines in my week day.  So everyone who plays is contributing to my enjoyment.

On the work front I am simultaneously supporting three dozen projects and my entire organization is swamped and busy, but busy is good in this downtrodden economy, so the fact that I can even carve out 30 – 45 minutes to write a poem on my lunch break is surprising and I hope I can keep doing it.  Today I saw tons of blog troubles with my primary site being down for 8 hours due to some runaway php plug-ins which I have not yet resolved, the site mysteriously started working and I still don’t know the cause or how to prevent it from happening again.  I did trim my plug-ins down further but some of the ones I am using are just too valuable to get rid of at this time.

So here come the highlights of my evening,

My wife makes me the most superb dinner with fresh chicken breast, rotini pasta, broccoli, garlic (my favorite), carrots, corn with a light olive oil sauce and grated Parmesan on top.  I am so lucky to have her in my life, following that we took the kids out to Cold Stone for some sorbet and Ice Cream (I can’t have ice cream due to lactose intolerance so I always have the sorbet).  Then to blockbuster where I rented a movie “Mall Cop” to watch tonight, I need a comedy after today.  Finally I come back to catch up on some blogging when I see I reached 1500 twitter followers, an amazing number.

Many of my followers are so interactive that we have daily conversations back and forth as part of the twitter poetry game, some of my followers enjoy my tech blog, others my poetry and others still my personal diary blog.  I enjoy reading other peoples blog posts and I am always responsive to people who ask me questions on twitter or are willing to share advice on anything I can share on.  Twitter is one of the most enjoyable communication tools I have used, and I have met some great people like @shemah,  @santasdevil,  @zorlone,  @anefallarme  among many many others.  These people are friendly and have made it a point to support my poetry, some followers like @evliving  have gone so far as to publicly proclaim themselves my #1 fan.

I am honored that anyone at all would find a mild mannered IT computer geek by day, husband and father of two kids who blogs part time at night interesting enough to follow nonetheless promote to their friends and followers.  I can’t thank my online fans and friends enough for all of their support.  Anything anyone needs from me as far as help blogging, a poem, a tip, a comment, feel free to hit me up.  I am happy to meet many of you, some of you are not so pleasant (you know who you are…Just kidding).

-Justin Germino

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