My Son Graduates Kindergarten

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I can’t believe that I am attending my five year old boy’s kindergarten graduation ceremony today, I am taking an hour break from work to visit him at the school and take my JVC camcorder to record the whole event. I strongly believe that no matter how busy parents are working, you should take the breaks from work to be with your children as they achieve and celebrate their life milestones.

I vowed early on as a parent that I would be at every school play, parent teacher meeting, birthday party, and everything else I could attend, because these moments and memories only happen once and for each one you miss, you don’t have the ability to get them back. In the end the moments in your child’s life will comfort you more in your later years than any job you held or had to do.

So make sure you prioritize your family and your kids, take the moments of time needed to be a part of their lives even if it means escaping from the office a few hours early, or taking a sick day. Never let your kids think your work is more important than they are to you.

-Justin Germino

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