Sore Back Muscles Today

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I think I may have pulled some of my lower back muscles this weekend while pulling weeds for more than an hour in my yard. This makes me wish I had an indoor infrared sauna with which I can just relax and calm all the muscles in my body. While I was thinking about spa’s, sauna’s and such I was actually surprised that indoor sauna unit’s are much more affordable than those giant outdoor spa’s.  I have to be out walking all day at the Zoo later, so hopefully just walking will help stimulate my back muscles.

I didn’t even know you can get a self contained sauna unit for your home or yard at such a reasonable cost. Apparently the infrared saunas operate between 60 and 150 degree’s instead of a traditional sauna’s 300+ degree’s, since the enclosure is so small you feel the same level of heat but you can stay in it longer and sweat it out more since there is much less heat.

This seems like a decent thing to have for people who often go to gym’s or spa center’s just to sit in a sauna for an hour a day or a couple of times a week, personally it requires no water pipes or maines like a hot tub, so its easier to install and probably explains why it costs a lot less.

Just something I came across, figured I would share it.

-Justin Germino

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