Family Day At The Zoo

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Today on the first day of spring break I have decided to take some paid time off at work and take my family to the Phoenix Zoo, my sons are very excited and have been promised a visit for weeks. The weather appears it will be a nice 81 degree’s outside which is perfect. Meanwhile I will try not to think about how many emails will be building up in my inbox at work.

One of the things I dread about taking vacations is the amount of work that piles up for me when I return, I literally have to wade through an average of 150 emails for each day I miss, taking a week of paid time off and I literally have to spend about 4 hours dedicated to reading through 600+ emails and following threads and conversations.

Fortunately it is only one day off, and I can keep up to date on my emails. I will be taking my camera so I will post some pictures from the zoo perhaps on my next post.

-Justin Germino

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