All My Son Wants is the Original Guild Wars for His Birthday

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My oldest son’s birthday is coming up this Friday and he has been asking for a long time to get Guild Wars 1 for his birthday and wanting to dive into the origins of the original Guild Wars game and see how it compared to the sequel. The idea of having to hunt and capture skills and elite skills by questing appealed to him and he didn’t take to the living world and way Guild Wars 2 presented quests though he loves the game he doesn’t like the skill acquisition and limitations and would have preferred to find and acquire a wider variety of skills that can be used with weapons rather than each weapon having it’s own skills you can unlock very quickly and early on.
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Also his wish was for a copy of the game for me to have and play with him, I found that over the years my boys and I have developed such a close gaming relationship, I almost feel lost and bored when I am not gaming with them and they always have a better time when I am gaming with them as well. Though we all have differences of what our favorites games are and I play as much Minecraft as I can with them it never is enough.

My youngest son Oliver spent an hour playing Guild Wars 2 with me on my birthday not because he loves the game as much as me but because he wanted to do something with me that I wanted to do for my birthday, we had a good time leveling his guardian up 2 levels in his personal story quests while my Gorghost character who is a Charr Necromancer hit level 53 and will likely be the first character I bring to level 80.

So I decided to get all 3 of us a copy of the Original Guild Wars on Friday which is my son’s birthday. The funny thing is I remember when my oldest who turns 10 was just a baby and I used to play the original Guild Wars back then, with his little bouncy chair and I used to rock him at night to help him sleep while I gamed late into the wee hours of the morning.

They grow up so fast.
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