Engaged in a Lot of Training Lately

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I have a lot of training on my plate as of late and this includes a short course on learning how to do stop motion animation, a SANS Mobile Security and Ethical Hacking course and working on my Google Analytics certification and my CISM courses for certification. I find my interests and avenues in learning have broadened into so many fields and topics and I am pretty much shotgunning my knowledge around anything and everything that interests me or that I wanted to do.

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I do really want to learn how to play the Guitar and I am actually waiting on Rocksmith 2014 to release and will try leveraging this game/tool as a method to learn how to play the electric guitar from scratch and hopefully also inspire my son to learn how to play by watching how I learn to play a real instrument with this game as well. I always knew that the evolution of games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band would be real instruments plugged into your consoles and combining learning with gaming. Rocksmith 2014 I envision will be the tool that would put all those wasted hours of Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock to shame where I really should have spent that time learning to play a real guitar.

I think the first certification I am going to go for is the Google Analytics certification because I think it is the easiest to achieve and gain. Then will work on my Mobile Security one which is a 6 day 60 hour training course and an option to take the certification after some review and practice exams. The CISM test is in December and my goal is to knock that one off at the end of this year as well.

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