Son Excited for Coding Class and Learning Scratch

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My son in 6th grade joined and after school coding program and after his first hour of his class he came home and was so excited to show me how he built routines for sprites including edge detection, changing “costumes” which is a fancy way of just switching sprites between actions.  The scratch which he said was similar to BlueJ from what he told me is object oriented programming where you drag and drop routines which are blocks of code behind the scenes.

I myself have only really done shell scripting and some crude Java programming in the past where each line was written by scratch, so I am not really versed in the drag and drop of today’s programming methods but it is something I want to try and find time for in the future.  The Scratch program seems very intuitive and easy to learn and was developed by MIT and is worth checking out, they have tutorials, vids and some projects to start from.

You can check out more about Scratch here:

Meanwhile, I like that my son is encouraged and excited about playing around with Scratch and hope to see him blossom into a full app/game programmer over the next few years which is his goal.  He is going to be twelve this year and he wants to be a full fledged game programmer by the time he is 15 which I think is a doable goal if he works hard at it.

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