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Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment portal focuses not only on blogging and SEO Tips, but I also do as many articles about technology related products or services as my readers know.  I am receiving at least five requests per week now to review software, shareware and freeware from dozens of developers and software companies.  Nearly all are looking to generate buzz and asking for a free review or article to help raise awareness about their program or product.

My time for blogging is vastly reduced lately, but I still write a post for free on a software or freeware program or service if I think it has benefit for my readers (I can’t get paid for every product or software review) and for ones that I don’t mind promoting but would like something extra to add incentive I will ask the company to usually provide a full product license that I can giveaway to one of my readers so the post can become a contest and have a higher chance of generating buzz and inciting comments.

Many software companies are not keen on making “payment” for blog posts, but if their software has a license cost of $25 or $50, then having them provide you with a free license to use personally or to giveaway to your readers is just as good as receiving a payment (if it is a software you will find yourself using).  As an advertiser I commend them for finding as many blogs as they can directly to write about the product, they should just know that the more popular blogs which probably receive dozens if not hundreds of requests per week will need some extra incentive to review a software or freeware product.

-Justin Germino

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