Slipped to 2nd Place in the LeapFish 100K Cash Dash

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LeapFish 100k Cash Dash contest is still going on until they reach one million homepage subscribers. I am promoting heavily but have fallen into second place in the contest to win various prizes like a Dell 15″ laptop or an Apple iPAD. I am asking for all my readers help and support by joining me and signing up for the contest.

By signing up all you need to do is enter your email and name, LeapFish will give you 25 points in the contest which go toward the cash prize raffles. You don’t have to participate any further if you don’t want to, but you get additional points by setting LeapFish as your homepage as well as promoting the contest on Twitter and writing blog articles about it.

When LeapFish reaches 25,000 users who set their homepage to they will give away $1,000 cash to one random person who signed up. This is random drawing and the more points you have the more entries you have in the raffle. LeapFish will continue to make cash prize giveaways as they reach additional milestones where people bookmark their site as their homepage up to the 50K grand prize when they reach 1,000,000 homepages set to

Who will sign up under me and help me climb back to the top slot? Just click on the banner below and sign up under me, if you would be so kind.

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Updated: April 24, 2010 — 12:37 am