Family Excited about Boston Terrier Picnic Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is the AZ Boston Terrier Rescue Spring Party and my family is so excited to be taking our dog porky to Chaparelle park where he will meet and play with many other Boston Terriers. In fact, my wife and I are making home made Boston Terrier head sugar cookies tonight, I plan on molding the cookies and then we will frost them in the typical Boston Terrier black and white facial pattern.

It is sad that our oldest Boston Terrier Gouda (the small brindle one in the above picture) won’t be able to attend the picnic, he passed away last November and his death is still a loss that the family feels every day.

Boston Terriers are such great dogs, they have a permanent smile etched on their faces and are so loving, caring and hardy. The can endure even the most vigorous rough housing of little kids and yet can still be so gentle and affectionate. My wife is the one who first picked out the breed and we have been happy with them ever since. I love all dogs and particularly have liked Border Collie, German Shepard, Old English Mastiff and larger breeds typically, the Boston Terrier is the first smaller breed dog I have owned and they are just great.

-Justin Germino

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