Shorty Award Nomination Results

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I reached my goal of making it to the front page of the Shorty Awards for the blogger category with DragonBlogger picking up 112 votes for the Blogger category.  I was able to reach 18th place which is 18th out of over 6800+ people who were up for nominations in the blogger category which was amazing to have placed this high.


With my 13k followers I managed to rank higher than Entertainment artists who had 20x as many followers in some cases, but I was nowhere near the 3,000 votes that Motivator Super came in with to reach #1 spot (he has over a million Twitter followers btw).


This was just a test to see how high I can rank and I entered the nomination period fairly late, had I chosen a different category like Poetry, I would have come in first place which in hindsight I probably should have chosen to push instead for my poetry blog.

Next year I will consider entering in the poetry category for my poetry blog and Random Twitter Poetry game where I think I will have a better shot of reaching 1st place.

-Justin Germino

Updated: February 22, 2012 — 10:15 pm