Seagulls Foraging

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Spent last Saturday on a beach picnic watching the local seagulls pester the beach folk for scraps.  With all the fish in the ocean and the little sand crabs that wash up and burrow into the sand you would think there would be enough food for the gulls to live off of indefinitely.


While watching them you can always see the Alpha gulls chase off the smaller or less dominant ones and they always try to sneak their way back in and take a bit of food before they get chased off again. 

It was nice to have some relaxing time on the beach and have nothing to think about but the moment and the seagulls.  We then walked over to the Jetty’s on South Ponto beach where I had found all those Purple Ochre Starfish back in January, but instead this time the rocks were covered in mussels.


It was interesting how in one day so much of the landscape had changed on the Jetty’s, there wasn’t a single Starfish or Anemone to be found when there had been dozens just the month prior.

-Justin Germino

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