Scrabble Slam: Fast Word Fun

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So my family picked up Scrabble Slam a few weeks ago and I it is a really great and fun game to play. I have a six year old who benefits so much by playing this fun variation on scrabble. The game involves cards where all players have seven cards. One four letter word is decided as the starting word of the game, then everyone tries to use a letter one at a time in their hand to change the existing word into a new word.
You can change:
Look to Nook
then Nook to Cook

You try to change the word as fast as possible and rid yourself of all the cards you carry.
The word is never longer than four letters and you can’t change more than one letter at a time.
This makes it ideal for younger kids to play since they don’t have to worry about building 6 or 7 letter words and being at a disadvantage against most adults in a real game of scrabble.

If you enjoy word games like Scrabble, I highly recommend Scrabble Slam for the family. It is fun to play with two people, but even better with three or four.

-Justin Germino

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