All in a Days Yard Work

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Off to a busy Thursday morning already where my son woke me up at 5:37 am, I took the time to get him ready for school a little early, play some Iron Man and PlayMobil action hero toy battles with the kids on the floor before starting about an hours worth of yard work, then quickly wrote a few blog posts to queue for my blogs and finally clocked into my day job.  With my work day just starting it feels like I already did a complete days work and I am still tired after having 8 hours of sleep.

Ironically, I actually get energized by being busy early in the morning, if I don’t have something to do it takes me longer to shake off the sleepiness and I tend to have a naturally hyper pace in the morning.  This means though I usually crash pretty quickly and hard about nine at night where I could barely stay away to finish watching a DVD episode of Deadliest Catch last night.

-Justin Germino

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