Samsung WB250f a Great Camera For the Price

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So recently at a steal I purchased the Samsung WB250f Smart Camera for myself and one of my Dragon Blogger staff to help improve product images, video recording and more and I have to say the camera/camcorder is far superior to the Sony Bloggie Touch at a much better price on Amazon.


The Samsung WB250f right now was $117 on Amazon, and you need to buy an SDCard SDHC or SDXC and was say another tiny amount depending on size but the images and quality of images is amazing.  The flash is very strong and actually pops up from the camera.

It has a touch screen on the back, a ton of smart features, can connect to your Wi-Fi and directly upload pictures to the Samsung Smart Camera App on your Smartphone or a cloud service like OneDrive (which it still calls Skydrive the former name for the Microsoft service).  It also will let you directly upload video from the camera to your YouTube account via Wi-Fi without the need to connect the camera to your computer via USB.

You can fit approx 18 min of 1080p 30fps video for each 2GB of SDHC or SDXC card you have installed and you don’t hear or have to deal with any auto-focus issues.  You do however have to have lighting as the awesome flash doesn’t have an always on mode for video, they do this to conserve battery life, but I would have liked to be able to manually turn the flash on and use it like a flashlight in dark environments while doing quick recordings.

I was super impressed with the image quality and the 14MP images are about 4-5MB in size when downloaded.  Use Picasa to shrink and post them, but you can auto-post them to FB or social media right from the camera as well and it will size the images down somewhat so they are easier and smaller to share.  I still would reduce the image quality down quite a bit if you intend to share pics on Social Media.

Overall this is a fantastic camera/camcorder and honestly is better than any handheld camcorder in the $100 – $250 price range that I have found, plus is better than most cameras I have tested.


These shots were all taken with the Samsung WB250f and it has some really nice focus capabilities, zoom and really allows you manual control over shutter and f-stop. The camera shoots video in the H.264 format, which allows you to record for longer than cameras using MJPEG video.

One caveat of the auto backup to OneDrive is that it will back up a 1600×1200 version of the original photo, it won’t back up your original 14MP shots so make sure if you want to keep original highest resolution quality of your shots you will still need to use the USB to manually copy the photos off of your camera.

Iggy will be doing a full feature review of the Samsung WB250f  on DragonBlogger, but it met my criteria and for a great price.

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