Rustler’s Rooste for Easter

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We decided to do something different for Easter this year with the family, so we took the kids and parents to a western restaurant in Phoenix called Rustler’s Rooste. The drive was about 55 minutes each way from Casa Grande, but we decided to take a chance. When we arrived at almost noon we pulled up to a large restaurant that is built onto the side of a rock formation.

The Easter brunch buffet was satisfactory is about the best I could say for the experience. The few food stations they have are poorly arranged which creates long lines and confusion as to where the stations are and what is served at them. The food itself was not bad, but not great. It was no better or more varied that the local Golden Corral restaurant in Casa Grande.

The biggest problem is how many rude people were encountered and then the sticker shock of the bill. Seriously an elderly woman who was probably older than sixty was shoving into my five year old son and was telling the line to move along. The chaos and rudeness of dozens of people cutting in line, or growling at each other over the wait reminded me of a pit of dogs fighting over the same food bowls.

To make matters worse when the bill came to $130 for 4 adults with tip, I was astounded that we drove almost an hour each way to eat buffet food that was no better quality and twice as expensive than if I stayed and ate locally.

I don’t know if the dinner steakhouse menu is better, but we were all disappointed overall. There are way better buffets and steakhouses to eat at like Cork and Cleaver, Lonestar for steakhouses and Home Town Buffet or Golden Corral for buffet restaurants.

Ah well, at least it made a blog post.

PS. My two sons are still sick and I hope they feel better, I may have to take off a day at work to take them to doctor this week with my wife.

-Justin Germino

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