Pepperoni Makes A Guilty Lunch

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I don’t know why but Pepperoni has been one of my compulsions and “treats” ever since I was a child, many people have “Chocolate”, “Donuts”, “Cake” or another form of sweet treat, I would rather eat pepperoni and some sharp aged swiss cheese on a platter over any sugary pie, cake or treat any day.

So it was with great pleasure that today I made a Pepperoni and Swiss cheese sandwich with spicy Deli mustard on Double Fiber wheat bread by Orowheat (This bread as 6 grams of fiber per slice). I chowed down and ate 3/4 of a Red Bell pepper (raw) on the side as a snack to get Vitamin C and such.

Of course if I keep eating these type of foods I may want to start checking out more diet pill reviews in a few weeks. I workout more and I am fitter than I was years ago, but I still can’t help but have some “bad” food every once and a while.

-Justin Germino

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